The Mission

We build mobile system units that enable
first class help, protection and care services

The constantly growing demands on mobile auxiliary, protection and supply systems - usually using high-quality technologies - are one of the classic challenges facing manufacturers and system providers.

This is precisely where we perform pioneering work. With the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® and the individually manufactured special shelters, we create the prerequisites for complete solutions in the area of mobile work, protection and system units. High quality, functional and individual.

People all over the world rely on our products on a daily basis - that's why we use our experience and innovative strength to deliver solutions with superior performance day in, day out.

The high quality of our products secures us a leading position in a special supplier market.

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® represent system units that are able to create environmental conditions that would otherwise only be possible in fixed buildings.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® offer a safe working environment for a wide range of applications and uses.