ZEPPELIN-Shelter® - Perfection and precision

Both the ZEPPELlN-Shelter® and the special vehicle bodies offer individual and functional equipment for a wide range of applications as a customer-specific unit or in ZMS standard.

More than 10,000 delivered units for civilian and military operations speak clearly for the quality and usability.

The high quality of the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® based on ISO 20', or in customer-specific dimensions, is based on the special construction of the shelter cell, constructed using frame profiles and individually manufactured sandwich panels made of aluminium cover plates, with a polyurethane rigid foam core precisely milled to drawing. Reinforcements in the roof, floor and walls are integrated into the shelter cell to enable the mounting of interior fixtures. An additional insulating layer is installed to avoid cold or hot thermal bridges. The cover plates, the core material and the profile frame are glued together in a heating press and form a homogeneous sandwich panel with a very high load-bearing capacity and a long service life.

During the design and manufacture of shelters, all measures for preventive corrosion protection, which are necessary for the maintenance, functionality and serviceability over the entire service life, are taken.

In the ZEPPELIN Aluminium-Shelter design, the sandwich panels in the profile area are joined together to form the shelter cell by means of rivets and welded-in cast aluminium corner half shells. The joints of the outer cover plates are welded all around to be watertight and airtight.

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® constructions, which can be extended on one or both sides depending on the type of construction, have a steel frame to accommodate the top load. By means of high-strength rivets, the sandwich panels are joined with the steel frame to form the core cell. The outer cover plates are connected in a watertight manner to the steel frame on all sides.

The shelters are equipped with application-specific openings and fittings. Mounting rail systems can optionally be mounted inside and outside.

Depending on their design and type, ZEPPELlN-Shelter® are fitted with container corner fittings made of steel or cast aluminium, the dimensions of which comply with DIN ISO 1161.

Perfection and precision