ZEPPELIN-Shelter - Series 1:1

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1 with a floor surface of approx. 12m² provides room quality at the highest level.

Operation of the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1 is possible both on a vehicle as well as when lowered to the ground.

Technical Data

Basic dimensions                                                according to DIN ISO 20'
Exterior dimensions (incl. corner fittings)           Length     6,058 mm
                                                                             Width       2,438 mm
                                   ISO 668    Size 1C            Height      2,438 mm
                                                     Size 1CC         Height       2,591 mm
Dead weight (depending on Version)               approx. 2,800 kg
Permissible total weight                                     8,000 - 10,000 kg