ZMS offers three container series of ZEPPELIN-Shelter® based on the 20' ISO standard:

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1
Measuring approx. 12 m² in surface area, the shelter offers spatial quality on the highest level.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 2:1
Measuring approx. 18 m², the shelter, which can be extended on one side, offers a considerably larger usable area and application flexibility, both for medical and technical applications.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 3:1
With a room size of 27 m², the 3:1 shelter, which can be extended on both sides, offers the largest possible working area in this ZEPPELIN design.

The floor areas of the expandable shelters are on one level when pushed out. The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are designed to allow wall mounting of the technical equipment in the extendable part as well as fixed mounting in the floor and ceiling area of the main shelter.

Depending on the version, the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® have a separate technical room at the front, for e.g. power supply and air conditioning. On request, the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® can be equipped with C-rails on the walls and in the floor for fastening the built-in parts.

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® can be equipped with RF shielding (minimum shielding of 45 dB in the frequency range between 100 kHz and 1 GHz) especially for technical applications.

Optionally, the shelters can be equipped with an ABC protective ventilation system.

Customer-specific equipment includes individual system integration (rack installation, communication technology, EDP, etc.) as well as lighting and furniture.

Already during the construction of the shelter cell, customer-specific required reinforcements of the profile frames to accommodate heavy attachments, fastening points, lighting, cabling or supply openings and openings can be taken into account.

ZMS realises constructive adaptations of the shelters to enable special equipment, installations or attachments according to customer requirements - e.g. antenna supports that can be extended via the roof segment or attached to the outer wall, special openings and flaps for control panels, external supply or ventilation as well as access ladders.

The shelters can be individually connected to each other through sluices - special connecting shelters or pole or inflatable tents - and thus combined to form a complex, closed unit.

The operation of the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is possible on a vehicle as well as on the ground. Hydraulic lifting supports are used for raising, lowering and levelling.